• ARCHIVIA 14: Online Archives for Cultural Diversity in Europe!

    The two day international CAPTCHA conference “ARCHIVIA 14″ will take place on 6-7 September 2014 in the framework of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Austria).

    It will bring together experts and representatives from the academic and political world, from both Austria and elsewhere in Europe, to discuss the precarious situation of online archives. Operating in a dynamic, yet to fully develop field where copyright protection and the public right of free access to information meet and clash, these archives face a range of legal, cultural and economic challenges. ARCHIVIA 14 presents a forum with lectures, panel discussions and workshops to discuss topical issues and develop concepts for solutions.



    Focus on European projects

    In 2012, the ARCHIVIA conference already focused extensively on the challenges of digitizing archives, and the impact of digitalization on the legal questions surrounding archive material. This year, Archivia 2014 will in particular highlight examples of current and past online archiving projects from around Europe, what can be learnt from these experiences, and what best practices can be identified.


    Invitation for participation

    ARCHIVIA 2014 invites private and public libraries, museums and archives from all over Europe to take part. Come share your ideas and experiences on how online archives can deal with the challenges at hand, present your plans and projects, and discuss possible solutions and scenarios going forward! The conference will address both a professional audience and the broader, interested public.




    Online archives for cultural diversity in Europe!

    The conference aims to increase public awareness of the social relevance of digital online platforms in Europe. In our view, online archives will be a key tool for the dissemination, preservation and promotion of the diverse cultural heritage of Europe in the future.



    Proposals for lectures or workshops, containing a title and an abstract of no more than 250 words, should be submitted in English or German (preferably as PDF file) at http://www.archivia.at/?lang=en. The submission deadline is 31 July 2014. For more information, contact Dr. Joachim Losehand, office@archiva.at.






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