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    Berat Gashi, Radio Urban FM, Prishtina, Kosovo:
    “Radio Urban FM, Prishtina, Kosovo”

    Marko Doles & Andraž Magajna, MTLRŠ, Ljubljana, Slovenia:
    “30 years rolled by: Archiving physical archives of oldest European non-commercial student radio station Radio Študent Ljubljana”

    Jose Maria Casanova, Fernando Souto & Isabel Lema Blanco, CUAC FM, A Coruña, Spain:
    “From manual analogical recording to Radioco, our Free Software automatic digital archiving of live broadcasting system at CUAC FM”

    Archiving Methods and Visions of Radio Urban FM
    Berat Gashi, Radio Urban FM, Prishtina, Kosovo

    Radio Urban FM is in front of implementing two projects (activities) which have to do with digital archiving: 1) The establishment of a permanent digital library of radio outlets that during the 14 years of existence Urban FM has produced and broadcast. In Kosovo electronic broadcasting media (Radio and TV) starting from next year is passing entirely in digital mode, i.e. there will be no use of analog anymore. As such Radio Urban FM is in the need to exchange experiences and receive “know how” on the issue of digital archiving. 2) One of the biggest projects that Radio Urban FM is planning to initiate in the beginning of 2015 is the establishment of café-library Urban Radio Press Café – a gathering place for journalists, civil society, editors and/or of generally young people where they (while having their regular daily coffee) they will have the opportunity to have access in print and digital radio and press outlets. In the place will be a small library which will include the section where the digital library via PC`s, will be provided to guests. In this sense, when established this library will be unique (the first and only one in Republic of Kosovo) where we will provide audio / radio outlets for guests. People can listen to audio material in our place – starting from short radio stories produced by Urban FM, complete shows of Urban FM VJ`s but also shows and radio outlets from different world wide radio stations, as well books (in audio format), radio- documentaries, radio-drama`s etc.




    Berat Gashi is one of the main coordinators in the process of establishing this café-library of Radio Urban FM in Prishtina.


    30 years rolled by: Archiving physical archives of oldest European non-commercial student radio station Radio Študent Ljubljana
    Marko Doles & Andraž Magajna
    MTLRŠ, Ljubljana, Slovenia


    Within Museological-technical laboratorium of Radio Študent (MTLRŠ) project of archiving physical (paper) archives from 1984-2009 has been finished. In collaboration with National Archives of the Republic of Slovenia (Ministry of Culture) we have selected, sorted and catalogued all kind of paper documents created on and connected with Radio Študent. The archival material (some also from very beginnings in 1968-9) contains legal and juridical documents regarding establishment of Radio Študent, old rule books, records of meetings of editorial boards, short and long termed plans of the Radio, internal and external correspondence, financial reports, central register of coworkers, radio listings, texts for broadcasts and programs, lists of played songs, materials about events organized by the Radio, posters and more and more. In the National Archives of Republic of Slovenia fund of Radio Študent has increased from 144 boxes to more than 400 boxes; in other words the fund of Radio Študent has expanded for app. 30 linear emeters. All the archive material is accessible for all scholars, researchers and other enthusiasts.
    The short presentation will give a quick inside in the process of archiving paper (physical) documents, its accessibility, meaning, usage and application. It will also highlight our methodology used for (not only paper/physical) archiving – including fieldwork and on-air ethnography, which has been found out for only possible and most prolific way to get some archival material from ex-coworkers and their personal archives. Specific radio program broadcasted live at the end of the project – based on the application of archived material in collaboration with our listeners, composed of micro-reconstructions (which could be seen as one specific way of archiving) – will also be presented.



    Marko Doles lives between Ljubljana and Pivka. As Bachelor of Arts in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, he created and launched Museological-technical laboratory of Radio Študent. Since 2004 he works on Radio Študent – as sound technician and member of Music desk. Besides he is drummer, DJ and one of the leading persons in underground movements in Pivka.


    Andraž Magajna lives in Ljubljana. Since 2010 he works on Radio Študent – first as program moderator and text interpreter, later also as sound engineer. Since the establishment of MTLRŠ, he is part of its crew. Besides he sometimes takes part in audio interventions, installations and performances. He has graduated in the field of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology on the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He likes punjena vešalica and Wienerschnitzel.


    From manual analogical recording to Radioco, our Free Software automatic digital archiving of live broadcasting system at CUAC FM.
    Jose Maria Casanova, Fernando Souto & Isabel Lema Blanco
    CUAC FM, A Coruña, Spain


    CUAC FM, the Community Radio of A Coruña, has evolved from the cassette tape analog recording on its foundation in 1996 to current digital times implementing automatic recording, archiving and publishing systems. This has been a challenge to community radio station but through Free Software technologies, the adoption of organizational policies and plenty of volunteer work it can be possible. CUAC FM is the community radio station that broadcast community programs to the A Coruña metropolitan area. We are located in Galicia in the North West of Spain. It is managed by the Cultural Association known as Colectivo de Universitarios Activos. All this years and diversity have allowed us to deal with the evolution of media archive and recording technologies. This talk will be about the learned lessons over the years in digital audio recording, media archiving and publishing, recording scheduling, time synchronization and its integration with our mobile application and website. We will show the evolution and how technology has impact in how we manage our organization and the quality of the contents. We will present our recently developed broadcasting radio recording scheduling system Radioco developed in collaboration with Student of a Master Degree Thesis at University of A Coruña. This development done by Iago Veloso for CUAC FM is available as open source with GPLv3 license at http://radioco.org/about/, the recording system can even run in a Raspberry Pi as low cost solution. Radioco manages automatically the audio since the program are scheduled to they being published in a podcast. Radioco has been designed to be managed from a web browser, manage the scheduling of the radio station, record the live shows and publish the RSS podcast information included the information provided by each weekly show.


    Jose Maria Casanova, Software Engineer and free software activists that participates in Spoiler, a live radio show about TV series aired on CUAC FM, the community radio that broadcasts to A Coruña Area. He is volunteer in the Technological Committee of CUAC FM leading the migration to GNU/Linux systems and Free Software at the broadcasting station. He has been committed to the promotion of Free/Open Source Software in different communities as GNOME and GPUL. He is also one founders of the Open Source consultancy Igalia. He teach software engineering at the University of A Coruña and has been the director of the computer science degree thesis about Radioco broadcasting radio recording scheduling system.


    Fernando Souto, Software Engineer and mobile development geek and entrepreneur founder of Appeiros, a mobile apps development company. He has been a community radio activist that collaborates in the Technological Committee of CUAC FM. He has developed the first automatic recording and publishing system based in scripts and the CUAC FM mobile app for Android and IOS. This app allows the access to the audio archive of the different CUAC FM shows and allows live audio streaming. Fernando stared in the CUAC FM morning humorist show QNEP and now has his own live show Spoiler about TV Series.

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