• Radio Show Series “Living Archives” – an Oral Reflection of North Dublin

    A selection of oral recollections on the growth and development of the north side of Dublin, told through the words of the people who experienced, firsthand, the gradual change from country to city life in the former countryside now known as the suburbs of North Dublin – by Alan Weldon


    In the summer of 2014 we recorded a series of interviews with residents of Coolock, Santry, Raheny, Artane, Donnycarney, Sutton and more. They share with us their stories, memories and experiences of living in these areas and reflect on how they have changed over the years. “Living Archives” is being launched as part of Near FMs 20th birthday celebrations and will be broadcast as part of the festivities.



    Programme 1: Jack Byrne

    Area: Coolock


    Prog 1 Jack Byrne Coolock


    Jack speaks about moving to Coolock in the 1960s, watching the area transform with the development of the factories (Cadburys, Tayto) as well as the arrival of the Northside Shopping Centre. He also speaks of his own involvement in setting up the Coolock/Artane credit Union, NearFM and others in the area.






    Programme 2: Connie O’Reilly

     Area: Santry


    Prog 2 Connie O'Reilly Santry


    The change from having cattle in her garden to housing being built. Living beside the airport. What they did for entertainment at the time. transport links to the city centre. She speaks of her time as part of the residents committee and also of the arrival of DCU to the area.






    Programme 3: Vincent Flood

    Area: Donnycarney/City Centre


    Prog 3 Vincent Phoenix Park


    Vincent reads a short story from his autobiographical book “The Ambidextrous hound”. This particular story focuses on his family life after his fathers return to the family home at the end of World War two.






    Programme 4: Declan Cahill

    Area: Coolock/Artane/Glasnevin/Drumcondra


    Prog 4 Declan Cahill Artane


    Declan discusses what Dublin was like when he first moved here from Cork. He tells us of his memories of the Dublin Monaghan bombings in 1974. He talks about his home in Coolock and the quailty of house building at the time.






    Programme 5: Janet Flynn

    Area: Marino


    Prog 5 Janet - Marino


    Janet moved to Marino in 1957. She maps out the various local shops for us at the time and describes what it was like to live in the area during the 1950s. She tells us about the family life at that time and what they did for entertainment.






    Programme 6: John Haughton

    Area: Bayside, Sutton


    Prog 6 John Haughton SuttonHowth


    John moved to Bayside in the late 1960s and tells us about the sense of community spirit that existed in the area at the time. The transport links were one of the factors that brought them to Bayside as well as his love of the sea which is located nearby. He also tells about his love for Howth and it’s natural beauty.






    Programme 7: Hilda Beare

    Area: Raheny


    Prog 7 Hilda Beare Raheny


    Hilda moved to Raheny in the 1950s. She tells us in great detail what the village was like at that time and how it has changed over the years. We hear stories of raising her children and she maps out how Raheny has developed over her time there.






    Programme 8: Geraldine Murphy

    Area: Raheny, Clontarf, Whitehall


    Prog 8 Geraldine Murphy Donnycarney


    Geraldine tells us about her childhood growing up near St.Annes park in Raheny. She tells us about the park and regales us with anecdotes about what they did in the area for fun when she was growing up. She also shares with us her mothers experiences of growing up in Whitehall having moved from the city centre in the 1930s.



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