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    Ingo Leindecker, Radio FRO, Linz, Austria:
    “UVisualize! – Visualisation tool for open archives”

    Frank Pohu and Fréquence Sillé, Sillé le Guillaume, France
    “Archiving at Frequence Sille since 2003″

    UVisualize! – Visualisation tool for open archives
    Ingo Leindecker, Radio FRO, Linz, Austria


    The Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA) is an audio database by independent radio stations providing a central distribution tool for civil society media production. The publicly accessible exchange and communication platform supports the mutual transfer of radio broadcasts and the publication and referencing of content beyond the respective reach of local radio stations.
    The long-term, collaborative archiving of media productions by radio stations from highly diverse regions of Austria and Germany has given rise to a continuously growing pool of alternative media reporting which is available not only for private use but especially for research purposes. In so doing, the CBA maps the social, political and cultural events in individual regions and has, over the last ten years, thus developed into an important contemporary document with strong local ties.
    The platform is undergoing continuous further development especially with a view to maximizing its public and is constantly being adapted to the practice and the needs of independent radio broadcasters.


    UVisualize! The creation of open access to digital media archives depends not only on political and technical solutions but increasingly demands suitable forms of presenting the content of growing databases. In addition to archiving, this increasingly places questions relating to an intuitive presentation and narration of content in the foreground. The WordPress plugin “UVisualize!” developed on the lines of CAPTCHA enables content to be structured and prepared visually in different ways (e.g. by way of maps, timelines, on three dimensional layers, etc.). In this fashion, collections can be made more narrational and more visually accessible.


    Ingo Leindecker is an artist, cultural worker and self-employed web developer working at the interface between culture, technology and science. Long-term employee of Radio FRO. Actively engaged in the Austrian association of free radio stations. Member of the management team and developer of the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA).


    Safeguarding the oral heritage : Back on 10 years of experience in France
    Frank Pohu, Fréquence Sillé, Sillé le Guillaume, France


    For over 30 years European associative and community radios participate in local life by giving voice to elected officials, association leaders, youth, history buffs, writers, storytellers, musicians and scientists. These radios keep on various media unreleased recordings, testimony of an era, the need to safeguard and promote to contribute to the knowledge of this history marked by many changes, both at local and national level that in Europe. Radios have so far little explored this field of archives that are often abroad. However, it is essential today to launch a reflexion in Europe, combining radio and archives, based on various local expériementations to suggest ways for the establishment of a common methodology that would aims to bring radios and archives, taking into account their own specificity, and propose a retrieval model that meets European standards.


    This intervention will therefore consider these aspects :

    1. The presentation of an experiment conducted since 2003 by Frequence Sille in cooperation with a departmental center of public records/archives and radio in France
    2. The tracks of reflection in Europe based on a discussion between public archives radios and public archives centers
    3. A presentation of some theoretical and technical elements that can form a basis for the development of a methodology of a radio archive work.


    Franck Pohu is Project manager and Training Manager of “Fréquence Sillé, Sauvegarde de la parole sarthoise” in Sillé le Guillaume, France.

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