• saturday: 12.00 – 12.45

    Jose M. Casanova, CUAC FM, A Coruña, Spain: 
    “How to setup your internet streaming to record and archive your audio streams.”

    How to setup your internet streaming to record and archive your audio streams.

    Jose M. Casanova, CUAC FM, A Coruña, Spain

    CUAC FM, the Community Radio of A Coruña founded in 1996, has been streaming audio through Internet since 2006 to increase audience coverage to places where the FM can not reach. CUAC FM uses Icecast Free Software project to publish our audio streams. At CUAC FM, in 2014 we have deployed darkice tool to manage the capture of the audio from the radio station mixer to the Icecast streaming server (<a href=”http://www.icecast.org/%29″>http://www.icecast.org/)</a>. It has allow us to re-encode it in many different codecs and audio containers (MP3, OGG and AAC) in different bitrates having different streams for mobile clients and CUAC FM website. Darkice (<a href=”https://code.google.com/p/darkice/%29″>https://code.google.com/p/darkice/)</a> features powerful options that allow you to dump in realtime to a file the audio that has been processed and with a simple integration of programmed tasks in the GNU/Linux operative system. Now we can maintain a simple structure for the 24hours/365days archive of broadcasting for legal purposes. It also serves as backup system to recover failures from our Live Broadcasting recording system. As complement we have developed simple scripts that manage the naming scheme of the shows archive in a monthly organization and updates the information of the shows in the RDS and internet streaming services. The use of Network Time Protocol has also helped in the synchronization of the split of the archives avoiding shows recorded being cut at the beginning. The talk will try to show the possibilities and how you can setup it in your community radio in a GNU/Linux system supported with Open Source tools.


    José M. Casanova, is a free software activists that participates in Spoiler, a live radio show about TV series aired on CUAC FM, the community radio that broadcasts to A Coruña Area. He is volunteer in the Technological Committee of CUAC FM leading the migration to GNU/Linux systems and Free Software at the broadcasting station. He has been committed to the promotion of Free/Open Source Software in different communities as GNOME and GPUL. He is also one founders of the Open Source consultancy Igalia.

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