• saturday: 14.00 – 14.30

    Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Karl Schönswetter, Vienna, Austria
    “Taxonomie der sonoren Ordnung”


    Categorising, tagging, assigning and conducting research as a creative process. Where do art and order come together? How do artists use archives or archived material? Does the digital card index therefore need a digital artist? How can digital archives be handled artistically? What are the interests of community radio stations? What is the infrastructure like? Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and Karl Schönswetter want to use a live (radio) performance to transform material from archives and on-site recordings into a live feedback transmission and thereby establish a seamless transition between a reticent lecture and an in-your-face live show. What happens if the public annotates the transmission and creates a new work of art out of the archive molasses? An acoustic overwriting of a long day of busy conferencing mixed with archive material from the conference participants. Well, now we know.



    Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, born in Vienna, Austria. She works as a writer, radio-maker and “soundinstaller”. She tries to develop a new Electroacoustic Literature, that enables writers to read and perform in a collective (with electronic artists and humans) and as individuals with a distance to their own texts. Founded the monthly Elektronik Teatime and is producer at the international art-radio-network radia and part of the Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory Collective and several other collectives. 2014 working as an external lecturer at the interdisciplinary centre for urban culture and public space at the Vienna University of Technology.2015 Artist in Residence at the Bioart Laboratory der Universidad Maimonides, Buenos Aires.


    Karl H. Schönswetter is a founding member of the gold extra cultural association, Salzburg (established 1998, a member until 2007), producer of a weekly hip-hop radio show at Radiofabrik Salzburg (2000-2007), 2010 to 2011 editor at Supertaalk.at (Staffel 1), since 2011 a producer for the Vienna team of Radia.fm at Radio Orange 94.0, responsible for the (co)production of three Radia broadcasts: nitropic, Radio Convoy and Radiagund.

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