• Seminar: What is worth Archiving?

    CAPTCHA Community Media Archiving Seminar & Workshops in Dublin on the 29th April 2014

    Near Media Co-Op in Dublin presented 29th april 2014 a half day seminar to discuss what is worth archiving and look at approaches to archiving. The event was particularly relevant to community and minority groups not represented in mainstream archiving.


    Programme of the Seminar “What is worth Archiving?”


    09.30am – Registration with tea/coffee

    10.00 – Chair of the event Ciaran Murray welcomes attendees and introduces the opening address from Kate Coyer from the Central European University in Budapest

    10.15 – Continuing to build a digital repository for Ireland and ways of prioritising material – Sandra Collins from the Digital Repository of Ireland

    10.30 – Connemara Community Radio Archive – Grainne O’Malley

    10.45 – The BAI Archive Scheme – what it is, what it does, how it can apply to you? Elizabeth Farrelly

    11.00 – The Importance of Local – Jack Byrne of the Near Media Co-Op

    11.15 – Question & Answers, audience & panel.

    11.35 – Break for coffee

    11.45 – Round table facilitations for comment feedback on what has been discussed so far

    12.15 – Break

    12.30 – Workshops – Choice of 1) Podcasting with Gavin Byrne or 2) How Machines Find Us with Dave Knox

    13.15 – Reconvene for compilation of comments/feedback/ review – this will form a report on the mornings activities for the CAPTCHA EU Culture Initiative

    13.30 – Lunch (served in the bar, first floor of Teachers Club)



    Speakers of the Seminar “What is worth Archiving”


    • Chaired by Ciaran Murray, Near Media Co-Op Overall Coordinator
    • Jack Byrne, former chairperson, Near Media Co-op and former President, AMARC Europe (European association of community media broadcasters)
    • Kate Coyer is the Executive Director of Central European University’s Centre for Media and Communication Studies in the School of Public Policy.
    • Dr Sandra Collins is the Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI).
    • Elizabeth Farrelly – Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
    • Grainne O’Malley – Station Manager, Connemara Community Radio
    • Gavin Byrne – fulltime IT coordinator with Near Media Co-Op
    • David Knox – Media Scientist



    Workshops of the Seminar “What is worth Archiving?”


    1. Podcasting by Gavin Byrne
    Gavin Byrne guided us through a ‘step by step guide to podcasting’ via WordPress. From installing a client to saving the file as mp3, uploading the audio, loading content such as text and visuals and tagging. This was a comprehensive guide in how to make a successful podcast. Gavin also covered audio hosting services soundcloud and mixcloud. Near FM have an extensive library of podcast material available at www.nearpodcast.org

    2. How do Machine’s find us by David Knox
    This workshop looked at how users find information on the internet, how they search and in turn how search engines work. It highlighted how and why search engines considering data (text/sound/video files etc) “good” or “worthy” and how they weigh the validity of this data. It also looked at how a user will submit data to a website so that it is found.


    50 people attended the event from 26 different Irish and European organisations like community radios and TVs, archives, universities, libraries, museums and others.